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World wide wholesaler of spare parts for Scania and Volvo

HD - products

Our product selection consists of high quality parts. Many of them are made by the original equipment manufacturer.
We also work with after market factories which we have deemed reliable.

We do not aim to supply everything to everyone, instead we focus on the products we know we can be the best in.
By getting parts in big quantities, we can guarantee fast deliveries and good prices without sacrificing product quality.

HD - product developing

We have also kits which we have developed ourselves. Our kits contain all the corresponding original parts needed at the mounting position, so you get them all at the same time.
Because of mass production, our kits end up being much cheaper compared to getting parts separately. They are also much easier to store than individual parts.
By using our repair kits your customers will save time and money !

HD - product packing

All products are packed into HD-carton boxes or thick plastic bags so they stay in good condition even if stored for a long time.

The packages also has a HD-label which contains certification markings.


Due to our constantly improved quality assurance system and direct connections to the manufacturing factories, you'll get bottom wholesale prices and quality products characterized by the Finnish precision with each HD-package.


We have priced our products competitively for years, and we are never tired of finding even better price vs. quality solutions for you all the time


All products will be inspected prior to delivery to the customer to ensure that they meet agreed specifications.

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